Yeti Tandem

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  • Toimittaja: Gin Gliders
  • Luokitus: EN-B

Yeti tandem

Yeti tandem painaa saman verran kuin yksipaikkainen liidin. Se myös lentää hyvin pitkälle samalla tavalla. Hauskuutta siinä on kuitenkin tuplasti.

For the new Yeti tandem, we designed and engineered every millimetre of the canopy for maximum lightweight performance. From the choice of materials, internal construction techniques, production methods – every aspect has been optimized. The new Yeti tandem weighs just 5.6kg compared to the 7.2kg of its predecessor.

Ei pelkästään para-alpinisteille

The lighter sail not only results in even easier inflation and take-off, but also improved in-flight behaviour. The new Yeti tandem is simply better in every way. Besides mountaineering, it's a great leisure wing too.

Stressittömät startit

Naturally the wing comes up very easily without shooting and is quick to take your weight. The Yeti tandem helps you even when the conditions don’t. High altitudes, light tail winds, crosswinds…the Yeti deals with them all.

Älä missaa termiikkiä

The turn is precise and brake pressure is light and progressive. The glider sensitively transmits all the pleasureable sensations of flight, yet remains safe and reassuring at all times. With the Yeti tandem, you’ll feel those weak thermals and also have the precise handling to take advantage of them. Just don’t use it for commercial tandems, you won’t want to come down!

Kelluu kuin unelma

The Yeti tandem has a moderate aspect ratio, but performance is still good. The light fabric feels light – on glide the Yeti seems to simply float.

Laskeudu tiukkoihin paikkoihin

The Yeti tandem flies very well at low speeds. It’s easy to land in very tight areas, even with a high wing loading.

Rakennettu kestämään

Whilst the durability of a lightweight glider can never match a regular glider, we have used only the best available well-proven lightweight materials, such as Porcher Skytex 27 and 32. With careful use, the Yeti tandem can provide years of enjoyment.

Aina valmis seikkailuun

The Yeti tandem packs as small as a solo glider. So you can pop it in your car along with your solo wing whenever you go flying. Then if conditions turn out good for tandem, your wing is always ready.



- dyneema trim riser connects directly to the main lines

- dyneema spreaders

- modern leading edge construction

- optimized sail cut and internal construction

- extra re-inforcements in ribs provide improved load distribution


Top surface: Porcher Skytex 27 / 32

Bottom surface: Porcher Skytex 27

Ribs: Porcher Skytex 32

Risers: Bainbridge 4mm dyneema trim risers tandem bridle.

Optional extras

Yeti harness, Yeti rescue



Yeti tandem colours

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 FLAT  AREA 37.32m2
 SPAN 13.79m
 A.R 5.09
 SPAN 11.41m
 A.R 3.87


Kuvagalleria: Yeti Tandem

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