PAP Slalom

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PAP Slalom

Since these last years it has been noticeable the evolution that we are witnessing in the world of Paramotor. Gliders are becoming smaller, engines more powerful.The latter ones are almost finishing with the dogmatic proportions between the pilot’s weight, the size of the glider, and the power of the engine.

The way of flying has changed!. Mainly in the “Slalom” modality, which has its second edition of the World Championship this year in Poland.
The competition pilot’s bring their gliders to the limit while flying at maximum speeds and at very low altitudes. Logically, this increases the chance of accidents, and the protection for the pilot’s which are similar to the ones worn by motocross racers, are insufficient. We have spent many days changing and trying various triangulations to develop a more resistant frame against this kind of impact. And being very sure that using stainless steel is still the best material for the construction of our frames.

The reason for this statement which we are now focused on, is the presentation of a new “ Harness” that has an incorporated Air Bag, the same type as in the free flight harnesses. This Air Bag does not disturb at all when taking off, or transporting the engine, neither when using the foot accelerator during flight. It inflates the same way as the free flight harness with “ relative wind”.
Apart from the Air bag, there are other characteristics incorporated , for instance a new pocket in the shoulder pad to introduce the radio, and lighter material to compensate the weight from adding the Air Bag. In total the harness will weight 200 gr. more than the original harness without airbag.

In future competitions, you will see all of our official pilots equipped with this new harness offering them an increase in security when competing or during leisure flights.

At the moment this harness will be an option in 4 sizes S, M, L, XL , but we do not discard the idea that in the future this harness will be included in the series of all our Paramotor.

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