Omega XAlps 3

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OMEGA XALPS 3 - Challenge Yourself

The new Light-Racer is a latest generation two-liner, made for the greatest demands under extreme conditions. No less than X-Alps Serial Winner Chrigel Maurer, Aaron Durogati, Toma Coconea and Patrick von Känel have contested the toughest paraglider race in the world with the OMEGA XALPS 3. Its exceptional performance and compact light build also makes the OMEGA XALPS 3 the first choice for ambitious cross country pilots.

Easy to manage and extremely good performance

The OMEGA XLPS 3 is special as a two-liner because of its heretofore unattainable mix of performance, simplicity and minimal weight. With aspect ratio of 6.95 and a mere 63 cells it is very simple and compact to live with, and delivers an exceptionally agreeable feeling in flight: but this with massively better performance and the same weight as an equivalent three-liner. These are exactly the qualities that not only X-Alps athletes desire, but also ambitious cross country pilots.

Ultralight inner structure thanks to High-Tech Nitinol Wires

For weight-saving the OMEGA XALPS 3 not only has the signature Sliced Diagonals Technology inside, but also ultralight High-Tech Nitinol Wires around the profiles. These new high grade alloy wires are not only much lighter than conventional Nylon versions, but virtually cannot get bent out of shape. This is a great advantage for fast and compact packing in the X-Alps.

The weight of the wing can vary by up to 100g due to unavoidable manufactured fluctuations in the density of such light fabric.

OMEGA XALPS 3   22 23 24
Flat surface m2 21.8 22.8 24.4
Projected surface m2 18.55 19.4 20.76
Certified takeoff weight kg 75-87 85-97 95-110
Glider weight kg 3.5 3.6 3.8
Span m 12.31 12.59 13.03
Projected span m 9.91 10.135 10.48
Aspect ratio   6.95 6.95 6.95
Projected aspect ratio   5.29 5.29 5.29
Number of cells   63 63 63
Number of risers   2+1 2+1 2+1
Certification   EN/LTF D EN/LTF D EN/LTF D





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